Jordan Garmatter

Forever : 24
Delphos, OH
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Submitted by: Diane Urban
Loving, funny, kind, creative, wonderful. These are words that describe my son.

Jordan was born May 3, 1993. Jordan had a big heart, a great sense of humor, and was kind and generous to everyone he met. There was no one Jordan didn't like, and everyone liked him. He didn't talk about people or judge them and had great empathy for whatever they were going through. He never hesitated to jump right in and help anyone who needed it. In short; he was a good soul.

Jordan enjoyed playing XBOX and watching basketball and football. He was a huge Ohio sports fan, the Cleveland Browns, the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Indians and the Cavaliers.

He also liked writing songs and had two songs professionally recorded. He wrote a song for his mom that talked about being blessed. His last song was called Nightmare, in which he was trying to escape from the reaper; heroin. He wanted to free from drugs so badly.

Jordan spent much of his working life cooking in restaurants and later installing pools with his dad for a time, but most recently he was trying to find a job in sales; ultimately he aspired to be a singer-songwriter. He eventually wanted a family, but he knew he wasn't ready. He wisely felt he should wait to get involved with anyone until he got himself totally straightened out.

Jordan had been without drugs for a time, but had a severe toothache for several days. It was ten days before the only appointment he could get without insurance, so he took a small amount of heroin to ease the pain. What he was sold was not heroin, but fentanyl and norfentanyl, which immediately took his life. Jordan was clean 8 months before he died from a fatal poisoning of Fentanyl & Norfentanyl. We call this drug induced homicide.

At Jordan's funeral it was standing room only, with everyone from all parts and phases of his life showing up. It spoke volumes about how he touched people. Many people shared that Jordan was the best person they knew.

"All I want to do is fight to save lives" -- Diane Urban (Founder APALD)
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