Jose Reedy

Forever : 20
Farmington, MN
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Submitted by: Brenda Reedy
Jose was a kind, caring, loving, mischievous young adult. He was born on January 21, 2001 in Minneapolis, MN. In 2005 he and his older sister were adopted by us and our parenting journey began.

He was a gregarious 4 year old and his sister 8, entering into a whole new family. Jose loved everything basketball, he played all year long and attended numerous basketball skills classes and many camps to improve his skills.

He was our 6ft. 5in. gentle giant. He also played football towards the end of high school which was always his dream. In the school band he played the alto saxophone, taking that up after playing trombone for one year in 5th grade and deciding that the trombone was not nearly cool enough. His sister worked with him that summer to learn the saxophone and by 6th grade he was hooked. Jose had many passions, going to the lake with friends, playing video games and cappin’ on the other players, cooking, his first car, a 1999 Ford Taurus aka The Green Beast, music--both making beats and recording songs, attending concerts and spending time with family.

His life was cut short on April 15, 2021 when he was murdered by fentanyl. He was just coming into his own, starting to blossom in his young adult life when his "best friend" allegedly sold him the deadly pill.

He was set to move into his first apartment May 1, but instead, we held his memorial service that day. Trade school was on his list as well, he hadn’t quite picked a direction but he knew he wanted to enroll and was working towards that goal. We now live with the memories of Jose and all that he was and wonder what he would be doing now.

We'll never know that answer because fentanyl took his life.
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