Kelson Dingel

Forever : 33
Tucson, AZ
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Submitted by: Tara Tenney
Kelson had an opioid addiction that began after a back surgery. At times, his addiction took priority in his life and it ultimately took his life. But Kelson was much more than his addiction.

Kelson was charismatic and people just enjoyed being in his presence. He had the ability to make the best of any situation and could make anything fun...even mopping the floor.

Kelson had a great sense of humor and was very quick witted.

He could find humor to lift up a person or situation and could always find someone's smile. He could make anyone laugh; even when they didn't want to.
Kelson was adventurous. He loved meeting new people and exploring new places. He loved the outdoors and planning a new place to hike or camp. Kelson loved to hear people's stories - he never met a stranger.

Kelson was very loving and fiercely loyal. When he loved you, he loved you forever. He'd be at your side day or night and always had your back- even when you were wrong.

Kelson was very intelligent and passionate. He loved reading and music. There was rarely a day he wasn't reading a book and sharing the how his imagination saw the story unfolding. He loved to play his guitars - learning how to play a song or making up one of his own.

Kelson did everything 100%. From the time he was a baby, he was either all in or all out. Never in-between.
Kelson was generous to a fault.
Always giving of himself and his possessions. I've seen him give a stranger his last dollar because he felt they needed it more than him.

Kelson was....
A much loved son, brother, godfather, nephew, cousin and a friend.

Kelson Loved Life.
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