Tyler Champagne

Forever : 27
Maricopa, AZ
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Submitted by: Lisa Tyler
My son was such a caring person would do anything for anyone that needed help. He is a Son, Brother, Uncle, Grandson and loved and missed by many family and friends.

He was in school and working full time at a job that he loved and just got promoted. He was on a great path with a great company. He is missed by his coworkers. He loved his family and friends so much. He loved the outdoors, going shooting, video games, history, movies, bowling, and all kinds of music. Was the Jokester of the family and he definitely had my sarcasm. He was absolutely my wild child, my pain in the ass child, and he knew it. The World was a better place with Tyler in it that’s for sure.

He was in a very Toxic relationship that he was trying to end but this girl would make threats against him and myself and his sisters when he tried to end it with her and he was worried. She was very abusive to my son, because I raised my son never to hit a female he didn’t and I’m proud of him for that.

Unfortunately, the stigma attached to males reporting; he wouldn’t do it. I have videos of the mental head games she played along with voicemails threatening to slit his throat, police reports, order of protections; nothing ever kept her away nor did the local police ever do anything. This girl this COWARD is who gave my son Fentanyl unknowingly and said it. Even with the text and video we have NO JUSTICE…. She Never deserved him for one single second. I will never stop fighting until she is locked up for POISONING and ABUSING my SON.
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