Dakota Laman

Forever : 24
Mcconnellsburg, PA
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Submitted by: Roxanne Rhodes
Dakota…what an amazing soul he had, this kid had a heart of gold but seen more in life than any adult could even imagine. He had witnessed a special person in his life be dragged into the woods and murdered. This was his two best friends' mom.

Fast forward a few years, he watched his best friend pull the trigger in our kitchen right in front of him. We never found out why. It was a clip style gun so it wasn’t Russian roulette!!

He was 20 at the time with a 4 month old and his gf (his baby's mom) in the living room.

After that he had a lot of sleepless nights and battled all the whys and what ifs and everything that we ask ourselves daily.

He ended up with a really shitty girlfriend and things lead into more things.

Him and a friend was going to hang out over the weekend and they were going to get some coke and just hang out (he was still talking to this girl but they weren’t together like that).

She had messaged him and wanted a boy, he said he was going for girl.

He ended up driving to Baltimore MD. and he never made it home. He pulled over on the highway about 40 minutes from home and did a line that was laced with Fentanyl.

When the cops showed up on Valentine’s Day 2018 around 7:30 the rest is a blur.

After retrieving messages and reading reports, he may have went for both but he didn’t want to go out like that.

I know the things that haunted him no longer exist and he is at peace, but damn what I wouldn’t do to have my kid here today with me.

We share the same birthday 08/13/1993-02/13/2018. There is so much more to say but there isn’t enough paper to right down everything he is and was and what he meant to me.
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