Brennen Berry

Forever : 24
Ashland, MO
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Submitted by: Debbie Berry
Brennen came to us in 2016 and told us he needed help. We put him in treatment in Missouri and he relapsed. We sent him to California on a scholarship for a 120 day program. He made is a little over a year, he went back into the same treatment center and made it another year. We brought him home and he moved into a sober living in Springfield MO. He was there for 5 days, the bed bugs were horrible. So, we brought him home. He died 54 days later from one snort of heroin laced with fentanyl in his childhood bedroom; I found him. The medical examiner said it was so lethal, he died instantly. I am thankful he didn't suffer. He died on February 27, 2018. I miss him more every single day.
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