Adrian Espinoza

Forever : 29
Gilbert, AZ
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Submitted by: Tiffany Espinoza
Adrian was the most beautiful person so many knew. Not only as a child but as a young man, he was silly, loving, generous and always kind. He made being a momma so very easy and rewarding. As a child he was obsessed with GI Joes. We thought for sure he was going to enlist in the military as soon as he could. He also had a passion for cars. I think that came from his blood line as his father owned an auto shop, so Adrian was always around them. He was filled with dreams and always talked about the things he was going to do with his life.
We found out in rehab #3, Adrian had been sexually assaulted when he was young by a trusted person. Because of this, he started to self-medicate around the age of 16 to escape the pain and depression that he just couldn't handle. His addiction did not define the incredible person he truly was. Though he struggled with his disease for around 13 years. He always wanted a life of peace and happiness. One he truly fought for everyday of his life. Adrian was not one to turn away from any help offered or given if it meant a life of sobriety. He truly wanted to be a better version of himself and not live this life bound to addiction, and though, at times, he would seem to be winning his battle, eventually the past would rear up and he struggled to cope.
Adrian grew up in a very strong family unit. He was very loved by his parents, siblings and many friends, who he helped throughout their addiction journeys. Many have shared stories about how Adrian saved their lives. That was how he was, always helping others in their darkest hours at no cost. That was what made him such a good advocate for addiction and such an amazing person. He always came from a deep place of unconditional love. Never did he have a mean, cruel or aggressive side to him. Unfortunately, Adrian couldn't advocate for himself, however.
Adrian had goals and dreams of one day being free from those binds. He had been sober for more than 6 months. He was starting to rebuild his dream car, he was also getting ready to take over his father's business, plus had planned a trip with his best friends, his brothers. There wasn't anything more in life that Adrian loved doing but being with his family.
Everything changed on one bad decision, when someone sold him pure Fentanyl instead of his drug of choice. No family should have to go through this torture. Adrian would tell us to keep fighting, not only for the addicts who struggle every day, but for those who don't understand the dangers of what is being sold and given on the streets. He would always say to me “Mom”, everybody's life matters."
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