David Hanby

Forever : 23
Cape Coral, FL
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Submitted by: Debra Hanby
David was amazing. He had a huge heart and everyone love him. But, he struggled to love himself. He hid his true self behind his humor as many people do. On the outside he looked fine but inside he was hurting. He had back surgery after graduating and had chronic nerve pain treated with too much Percocet. After buying on the street for a couple of years which he hid so well, he eventually moved to snorting/smoking heroin. He ended up in rehab in Utah and then Florida. Over 4 years he had lots of clean time and several relapses. He got to 6-months clean and had to get an apartment. I flew down to make sure he had what he needed. When I arrived I found him dead. He decided to use one more time and it was 100% fentanyl poisoning.

David was so much more than his disease of addiction. He was an amazing young man gone too soon. I was never embarrassed or ashamed and have always been an advocate for addicts and their families. Too many have been lost and his death gave me my purpose. Our angels were precious gifts from God and more has to be done to protect our citizens from this crazy epidemic. An entire generation is being slaughtered.
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