Kachina Guerrero

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Westminster, CO
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Submitted by: Annette Guerrero
My Kachina was found unresponsive on Feb 4th, 2023 by her own father and his lady best friend at a bday party. He couldnt defend her but defended his lady best friend. My Kachina has been sober for 2 years. She was working prior to her death. Her father halted the investigation and said she was a junkie. All of his action was caught on the police's body camera. She unknowingly smoked marijuana laced w fentanyl. She was poisoned! Kachina was such a sweet girl! She know ASL,as its her first language. Her siblings and I are deaf. She loved her siblings. She loved butterflies, Her favorite color was purple. She loved music, and she played violin back in elementary school. We couldnt hear but felt the vibration. Shes really talented artist. I saved alot of her art items made for me over years. I want Justice for her. We need to put her father in jail for what all he did to her. She was taken from us. We will miss Kachina forever in our heart.
Kachina forever 20
Aug 20, 2002~Feb 4, 2023.
#Mydaughter #sister #granddaughter
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