Mackenzie Massenburg

Forever : 30
Riverview, FL
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 11:28 AM
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Submitted by: Sharon Miller
Mackenzie is a big hearted young man who unfortunately was poisoned by Fentanyl on July 9, 2018. He left behind’s his beautiful son Orion James who will be turning 10 this year in September. He was strong and battled his addiction for approximately 10 years. He was sweet , generous, loving and funny always smiling even though his life was tough as he grew into his later teen years. He was a loving father and nothing meant more to him than his son. He had moved back home with me and his stepfather on June 12, found a job that he loved and was working hard to get and stay on track, clean the weeks he was with us. On July 8th he had an argument with his son’s mother and he requested some heroin from his murderer. They actually delivered it to our home but we had no idea. The next morning I went into wake him up for work and I found him dead, laying in his bed. What he told was heroin was pure fentanyl. I think of him everyday and celebrate birthdays and holidays knowing he can see the celebrations and I know he is happy seeing me celebrate his life. Which I will continue to do until I take my last breath.
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