Abigail (Abbie) Rowe

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Patrick Springs, VA
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Submitted by: Brenda Rowe
My daughter Abigail's story begins on 11/21/2020 at 7 pm with us celebrating her uncle James's birthday on 11/21/2020. We were with family, spending time with everyone, and just enjoying my brother's special day. Around 10 pm on November 21,2020 we left my brother's house, went home, my daughter Abbie as we liked to call her, came by my house to let us know she was going to spend time with her best friend Jess(Jessica). So we said, "Have a good time, be safe and enjoy time with your friend." We hugged & and said, "I love you and see you tomorrows as we always did". She texted me at 1:09 a.m. on 11/22/2020 saying she was home, but I didn't know until 7 am. that same morning that she had texted me. We didn't hear from her all morning and up into the evening around 3pm when she was discovered deceased by her dad. We thought she was just simply sleeping in as most younger people did. My nephew & sister called around 2:45, saying they couldn't get Abigail to answer her door, text messages, or phone calls.

My brother Jerry who lived next door to Abbie with his wife, went over to see if she would answer the door for them & they couldn't get her to answer the door or phone either. My brother Jerry tried pulling back on the plastic piece on her ac unit & couldn't get it to budge. He tried opening both of her doors to only find they were locked & he tried every window to get in bc he said deep down he knew something was wrong. I called her & messaged her and got no response from Abbie, so I told my husband something just doesn't feel right & to go check on her. So he did, only to discover her doors were locked & dead bolted shut, so there was no way of him getting in. He saw she still had her ac unit in her window so he pulled the little white sliding plastic piece back, yelled to her and still no answer so he decided to kick it in and went through to only discover that she had passed away.

While the state police was at her home investigating her death, I was holding Abigail's hand when they said you can't touch her & I'm like she's my baby & you will have to drag me off of her bed which is exactly what they did. My sister in law found a little plastic baggie with white crushed up powder in it, which tested positive for Fentanyl and nothing else. I didn't fully understand how deadly it was until my child died from it. They made me wash my hands and would not let me back in the bedroom with her. I screamed & cried, pleading with God to take me and give me my child back.

We learned throughout the course of the investigation that she had been with family members & friends and at least 5 more people that night instead of spending time with her best friend. So throughout the investigation it was discovered she was messaging family members & looking for something for pain, where she was just in a car accident 6 days before she died & couldn't get in to see her family doctor for at least a couple of months. So she was in pain & hurting and went looking for something to ease her pain. We don't know for sure if her family members knew it was pure Fentanyl they gave Abbie or not. 2 years after her death, there was no justice for my child. They closed her case without fully investigating it.

I believe they just assumed bc drugs were involved that she was just another junkie who overdosed & died. My child was not a junkie. She experimented with drugs but she never got a chance to learn from her mistakes. She was my child, my daughter, my baby girl, my best friend, my mini me, my person. My world, my life, my everything was destroyed the night my daughter Abbie's life was taken from her.
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