Mitchell Trull

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Submitted by: Christi Anderson

Mitch broke his elbow on the trampoline when he was about 12 or 14, and the doctor gave him Percocets. It was a compound fracture so the pain meds definitely needed to be on board, as it was 'the worst compound fracture' the doctor had ever seen. Mitch told me years later that he knew that he had a problem and has struggled since with his addiction. He struggled for 20 years and I didn't know it. On September 4th of 2019, my boys Mitchell and Colin and Colins friend Dylan, were in the back playing cards. There was a lot of laughter and fun times going on and I loved hearing my kids laugh. Mitchell decided to ride his bike up to the store and I asked him if he would get me a Snickers bar. I fell asleep and looked at my phone I woke up in a jolt and I woke up at 2:38 and I texted him where are you. And he came walking back to the bedroom he said "you were asleep I didn't want to wake you up" and then he handed me my Snickers bar. Gave me a hug a kiss on the cheek, and told me "good night I'll see you in the morning Mama I love you". I didn't know that that was the last time I would hear his voice. I kept waking up throughout the night and seeing his bedroom light on door closed. Kind of odd, but I figured he just fell asleep with his light on. Several times throughout the night I woke up and that light was still on. But I didn't get up and check on him. As a mother of boys, you just kind of learn to leave it alone when their doors are closed, or you'll get a surprise ha.
The next morning I woke up. his door was still closed, but it was normal for us to have coffee together before he went to work, so I knocked on the door and he didn't answer. I called his name didn't answer, so I got a credit card and slid it through the door and unlocked it and opened it and there was my boy. He had kind of like rolled off the bed and landed on his knees with his head in the trash can. he was blue, cold and stiff and had a syringe in his hand. He was gone. My first born was gone. I called Colin my youngest and told him what happened and he couldn't find a ride, so one of my Uber friends ran to pick him up in his car. Obviously I called the police and by the time Colin got there they were there. I called his fiance and she drove from Spanish fort over to the house. I don't remember much actually I remember everything. I remember a couple of ladies from victim services coming over to me and asking me if I needed help. And I told her I was a bit confused because I wasn't the victim, the victim was laying cold on my floor. And I was kind of nasty about it because I did just lose my son, and then the cop came in because he heard my tone and was quite threatening to me about my attitude, and I reminded him that I did just lose my son so I think I have a right to have an attitude, and then my attitude switched to him because he was being a douchebag. but. The lady was so nice and told me that it was because I'm a victim because my son passed away from an overdose. Back then I didn't know the difference between an overdose and poisoning. I found out later who my son got the drugs from. His name is David Reed. And it's been 4 years now almost and I just came across his name. A friend of mine knew the information but was afraid because they threatened to burn her house down if she told. But finally she told me when I reached out. I looked him up and he's been in jail every year since Mitchell died, and now he's in prison. For drug dealing.
I find out now how much Mitch loved his mother. I was a single mom and I raised him for 14 years before I got pregnant with his brother. Mitchell really loved me and everyone loved Mitchell. He was very active in narcotics anonymous. He helped a lot of people. Several people have gotten off drugs since his death because of his death. On my birthday this year, 2023, Colin forgot to call me, and that really hurt my feelings. But then Mitchell reminded me that he's not there to remind everybody of everybody's birthday anymore so someone else is going to have to take over. So then I was a little better knowing that he's not there to remind Colin of my birthday. Things will never be the same again, but I feel him near me. I felt him a lot that day and I believe it's because he wanted to make sure that I had an okay day.

Mitch was a daddy, a son, a grandson, a chef, loved the Saints and LSU. He loved his grandma so much. She passed one year later. He loved his fiancee so much too.
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