Bryan Farver

Forever : 26
Pittsburgh, PA
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Submitted by: Sarah Hayes
Bryan had been clean for 3 years. When the pandemic hit and his job temporarily closed, he became overwhelmed, worried how he’d pay bills and not being able to see his friends. He started asking his friends if they had any Xanax for his nerves. None of his friends wanted to contribute to him taking a controlled substance. He suffered with sever anxiety and BPD and was getting counseling but everything came to a halt due to Covid and he couldn’t get in to see anyone. He was determined to find something to calm him down. He went out to the streets and bought what he thought was 2Xanax. It was fentanyl. Last he was seen was at midnight going into July 19th. He never came downstairs the next day so his room mate who he was dating went up and found him gone. This is what I was told. I’m not sure I believe even half of it. Bryan and his roommate shared a room most nights. He had messaged me several weeks leading up to his passing on July 19, 2020 that his roommate/girlfriend was being very cruel to him, hating him one day and loving him the next. When I went to his apartment to get his things, a lot of his things were missing. I came across the post that his girlfriend made telling all who knew him if they wanted to come to the house and take things of Bryan‘s to remember him by, they were welcome to. The detectives were no help at all. a huge house that had five adults living in. It became totally empty within two days. Unfortunately, when a death is due to overdose, I feel that they do not put any effort into investigating the cases consider it to be one less drug addict on the streets. My side was very smart. He had gone to college to be a journalist when it became too overwhelming for him, and he dropped out and admitted himself to a psych ward. One of the things that was missing out of his prize possessions was a laptop that I had bought him for Christmas. all his poetry, his novel he was working on And speeches that he had given or gone. Nobody seems to know where the laptop went. I know he didn’t get rid of it because he had taken a picture of himself less than one month before on his bed and the laptop was in the picture. I think he met up with a bad bunch of people had no idea who he was moving in with. I fear I may never find out the truth of what really went down that night. Many scenarios go through my mind. Maybe my heart may not be able to handle the truth. All I know is, there were people involved with his death. He did make a bad choice if the story I was given is true, so he did have a part, but he wasn’t in it alone. All his friends that knew him from when he was an addict from prior years past said he had over to several times and because of that he never would do drugs alone in fear of overdosing. They said it was totally out of character for him to get high alone. I just want my baby back. One wrong choice. One sudden moment took him from me and it can’t be undone. My life will never be the same
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