Victoria Trevino

Forever : 26
Austin, TX
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 1:21 PM
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Submitted by: JoAnn Lopez
Victoria Trevino Forever 26
She was born in Austin, Tx on March 18, 1995.

When she was young she would talk about traveling to other states. She went to Anaheim, California. Met her husband and had 4 children. Then she went to live in Ogden, Utah. She loved the snow there. She would often become homesick and come back to Austin. Her and her husband divorced. And on November 2019 she came back. Here in Austin she met her boyfriend, I'll call him Z. Well she started using opoids with Z who was a drug dealer. On August 8, 2021 is was found dead in her apartment from Fentanyl Toxicity (a poisoning) She is forever loved.

Victoria's grandma.
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