Amelia Wiltse

Forever : 18
Muskogee, OK
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Submitted by: April Wiltse
My daughter was 18 when she left me. I got a call from my husband at 6:30am on the 24th of March of this year. He told me that our daughters friend called him and told him that our girl was in the hospital and that she overdosed on fentayal. So I hurried up and got off the phone with both my mom and my husband. Called the hospital in Muskogee where she was, and they told me that I needed to hurry and get their. So since my truck was broken down I called a friend of mine who is my daughters half siblings mother. So she comes and picks up me and my husband, and take us to Amelia. My jaw dropped seeing my baby with all those tubes coming out of her. Seeing her unconscious my heart dropped and I went into momma mode. I wanted to know everything. They tell me that her organs are failing. That she is basicly brain dead. So I ask about the toxic screen that they do and I get told that all they found in her system is meth, and weed. I proceed to tell them what I was told. Emily had not only told us that it was an overdose over fentayal but that she tried to save my daughter. The nurse stopped me and told me that it took the emts 45 mins to get a heart beat, and that they found my daughter on her stomach in the bathroom in pool of vomit. I dont know how you can give a person cpr when they are on their stomach. The nurse then told me that my baby has not peed the hole time she has been there, and that she had aspirated some vomit cause it was in her lungs. It's 9pm and they ask me if I will sign a paper for them to put this device in her so they can get a better blood pressure reading. Well of course I sign the paper. I'm praying like crazy for God to help bring my baby back to me. All my friends go home its now midnight. The Dr that puts the device in was working in the er that night. Its 2:30am a nurse comes and wakes me up and tells me to come with her. So as I go over the threshold of her icu room. I heard the worst sound in the world. I heard her flat line and come back. I told them to get my husband. Sorry all the emotions are coming back up as I am typing this. My husband gets their and she flatlines agian this time she did not come back. She took her last breathe at 2:45am March 25th 2023. It was 5am when the medical examiner came to get my baby. I stayed and helped them get her ready to have her autopsy done. I was telling her what was going on and that all the blankets and body bag were there to keep her safe. So when that last wheel past the threshold I fell onto her hospital bed and all my pain and sadness just came like a flood. I still have the pillow she last had her head on and the wash rag they gave me for my tears. I made her a box and put it in their. My babygirl will forever be 18. She died a week before her 19th birthday on April 1st 2004.
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