Colton Gaddy

Forever : 21
Blue Springs, MO
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Since : 6/14/2024 - 6:37 PM
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Submitted by: Shoni DeBusk
Colton was hard headed and stubborn, but had a huge heart. He always took up for the underdog. He did things his way from an early age. He was an old soul and the only introverted extrovert I've ever known.

Colton was extremely smart, but bored easily. We struggled all through his school days, but we got him through! Mental health and addiction go hand in hand and when you have been misdiagnosed since childhood, that causes a mistrust. Colton found the wrong friends who helped him self medicate.

Colton made the decision to get clean and sober. He wanted better. On December 13, 2022 he went to rehab. Colton excelled there. He led groups and was talking about going to school to become a counselor to help others. He was very excited to move on with his LIFE. But he wouldn't get that chance. He was released from rehab on Jan 12th, 2023 and on January 30th 2023 he was poisoned by fentanyl.

There is more to that. But because there is an active investigation, I will leave it here.
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