Chloe Vivian

Forever : 14
Claremont, CA
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Submitted by: Karie Krouse
My sweetest Chloe Vivian, only 14 years old, wasn’t feeling well & an older "friend" gave her a pill that she assumed was just a regular, safe OTC pill from a pharmacy. I have lost her forever from one pill, one time. A simple, yet so permanent mistake. She was my twin soul, my favorite person, my shadow, my Sweetiepie. She was so loved by everyone for her kind heart, good values, loyalty, & pure intentions. She loved our weekly Disneyland trips, Air Drop, popper, & other pranks, creating art, music, adventures, good food, sniffing candles at the mall, and most of all: her Mom. Chloe will be painfully missed until we are together again. I love you forever with every beat of my heart, love your bff/Mom. On the worst day of my life, the day I lost my sweet Chloe, the detective brought me her necklace that she never took off which said: Please return to Heaven.

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