Jarod Galloway

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Topeka, IN
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Jarod was such a happy baby, and as a child, he was always the jokester of the family. When he was a kid, he was interested in magic tricks, astronomy and wanted a chemistry set.

His early teenage years were hard for him. Their house burnt down, and I was living in another state. He later mentioned to me a trauma that he refused to talk to me or his father about.

Jarod started off drinking cough medicine to get drunk when he was around 11 or 12, and it progressed from there.

Jarod skipped grades and graduated high school at 16. He got a scholarship for the University of Kentucky, and received his bachelor degree in psychology at 19. Almost the whole time he was at college, he was abusing alcohol and various drugs.

He came home (Indiana), and everything seemed to go wrong for him. He realized that he would not be able to use his degree without further schooling but wanted to take a break from school for a while. He jumped from job to job, usually not keeping one for more than 6 months. 

He was an alcoholic but quit drinking at the beginning of 2020. Early July of that year, however, he slipped, got drunk, and got his first DUI.

He got a new job a few weeks later near where I live. His plan was to stay with me until he had enough money to get his own place.

That job didn't work out. It was extremely fast factory work, and he had never worked in a factory before. So, he stayed with me longer than he anticipated. 

He told me around late summer, early fall of 2020, that he had done heroin in the spring. I begged him never to do it again because it's so dangerous, especially with the possibility of it being fentanyl.
He just looked at me and said, "Mom, I've done fentanyl before." He wasn't scared of it one bit. Neither one of us had any clue how dangerous fentanyl really is or what all is really out there. But, he promised he wouldn't do it again.

Unfortunately, he didn't keep that promise.

In November, he was in a horrible car accident. He wasn't sure what happened. He may have fallen asleep. He was in a small two-seater car, a Del Sol. He was on a divided highway. He went off the road, toward the other side, and went down towards a deep creek. The car flipped, throwing him through the T-top roof. He landed just before the creek, and the back tire of the car landed on his chest. By the grace of God, he survived but had broken both of his legs. 

He had been on his own since he was 15. So here he was, 20 (almost 21), no job, no car, no money, two broken legs, and living at home with his mom.
He was in a free fall.

He didn't show his depression very often. He still acted happy and upbeat most of the time. He was always trying to make sure everyone else, especially me and his 13 year old brother, was happy. 

After a few months, his demons came knocking, or rather texting, and took advantage of his situation. He started using heroin again to escape his reality. 

I noticed the change in him, but he always denied everything. I found out that his health insurance covered inpatient rehab and begged him to go. He adamantly denied having a problem and refused. 

Around March 3rd of 2021, Jarod started acting really strange. He was slurring his words and stumbling around. This went on for a few days. He said he was taking Xanax. I now know that they were pressed fentanyl.

He left my house the afternoon of March 5th, and I told him, "Don't come home unless you're sober." 

He called me at 12:34 a.m., letting me know that he was on his way home, and I could tell that he was sober. That was the last time I spoke to him.

The next day was quiet. He didn't come out of his room. I figured he was sleeping it off and I would leave him alone, and when he woke up we could go back to normal.

When his older brother and I went to his room that evening to get him, his door was locked. Thats when I knew something was wrong. Panicking, I got the key and gave it to my son and told him to open it. We rushed in the room and found Jarod half laying on his bed. He had been gone for hours.

He had shot up fentanyl, xylazine and some other things. I don't know whether he thought it was heroin or not.

He didn't have any heroin or Xanax in his system at all. He had fentanyl, norfentanyl, xylazine and some other crap mixed. The coroner told me that normal people overdose on fentanyl at a level 3 or 4. People that have a high tolerance at 14 or 15. His level was 45.
He was murdered.

Jarod never had a problem telling people when they were wrong. He called the wrong person out a few too many times and became a thorn in that guys side. Jarod was murdered because of that.

Looking back, knowing what I know now, I know he was being poisoned for days, right in front of our eyes, then the shot sent him over.

We went to the police in my county as well as the city where his dealer lives, Lima, Ohio, with text messages in hand, showing that he sold it to my son. 

The cops stated that they know the guy, they know what he does, they're watching him, but there's not enough evidence to go after the guy that killed my baby. 

My family is devastated. His younger brother got in trouble with the law for the first time, shortly after Jarod left. His older brother blames me for killing Jarod, and our relationship is forever damaged.

He tried to be the best big brother to his younger brother. They were very close and spent as much time together as possible. Jarod loved to be out in nature, so they went hiking a lot, which gave them time to have long conversations together. He adored his niece and nephew and called them his favorite humans. Whenever he was around the children, he spent much of his time playing with them. He loved them, and they adored him. I don't think any of us will ever recover from losing Jarod. 
He always made time for me. He would meet with me at a restaurant or the mall, and we would talk and just enjoy each other's company. We were a lot alike, and along with being my son, he was also like a best friend. My soul was so connected to his.

He loved to travel. He was able to spend time in Colorado just before he passed, and absolutely loved it there. He also really wanted to go to California, thinking he might want to live there and go into the music production business.

He loved music. It was an important part of his life. He had started a record label named Diamond Works Music Production. He was very excited about where that could lead him.

Jarod had his demons, but he was such a good, kind, compassionate, charming person. He was hilarious with such sharp wit. He wanted to make a difference, to make the world a better place.

Jarod's legacy wont be how he died, it will be how many lives he helps save
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