Julian Ross

Forever : 31
Henrico County, VA
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Submitted by: Tekla Johnson
I just moved to Virginia Beach about a month ago and my friends in Richmond decided to have a Taco Tuesday. Why not? I'm on my way! That was a good time. I needed a release from the stresses that life can bring but I need to get back home today. Well, my friends really want me to stay one more day . . . Idk. I'm not really feeling it because I'm tired. Maybe, if we find a pick me up (cocaine) I'll stay. (Something Julian did on occasion with certain people) Got it, alright..guess I'll stay. We all had our "turns" and instantly realized it was different this time. We talked about it and other things and went on doing whatever. Suddenly I needed to go to the bathroom. I wasn't feeling well. I had to vomit. I didn't even drink that much. Wait . . .what's happening? I'm having difficulty breathing. Where's my inhaler? Wait . . . this isn't a normal asthma attack! It's getting worse and now things are starting to fade. I need help!! I'm trying to crawl out of this bathroom but it seems to be taking forever. Where are my friends? Don't they hear me? I finally made it into the hallway, Thank God!! I'm right here. I hear you in the kitchen. I'm right here!! Why doesn't she hear me?? Wait . . .here comes my other friend. Wait . . . WHY IS HE WALKING RIGHT PAST ME??!! I know he sees me… I'm right here on the floor! NO . . . HE'S WALKING AWAY!! Please, God . . . someone help! I'm desperate! I need my mom! Call 911!! Then…everything suddenly turned into nothing and I was gone. Wait!! I'm back! My friend is coming back down the hall. (After 30 minutes) Bro! Bro!! I'm right here in front of you . . . wait . . . I'm also looking at myself. What is happening?!! Ma! Ma! I think,I'm dead!!

Written by a grieving mother (Tekla Rossi Johnson) from friends accounts, his own texts,and police/officials statements.

Julian died that night believing he'd make it home the next morning for work. Julian believed he was in the company of trusted friends who would help him. Julian made a mistake and was wrong this time. Fentanyl doesn't care who you are or what you believe. The dealers don't care and you can't trust anyone when it comes to drugs!
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