Tristain Christophersen

Forever : 16
Gilbert, AZ
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Submitted by: Angie Christophersen
Tristain was an amazingly good person. He was a great son, the light of his dad and stepmom’s world. He was a huge part of their love story, being the main topic on their first date. He was included in their engagement and wedding. The three of them played together, had dinner together every night, did at home karaoke, hung out with the neighbors, went on weekend camping trips to Northern AZ and so much more.

Then he became a big brother and was the best big brother ever, even with a 10 year age difference and later being a teenager, he always made time for his little brother. They would run around the house playing tag and hide-and-seek. Tristain always helped him learn new things. He was more than just a big brother; he was a mentor, cheerleader, and Johnny’s biggest fan! He loved that kid more than anything and Johnny looked up to him more than anyone else! It was truly a one of a kind relationship.

Both his dad and stepmom’s families are large and had get togethers often. He loved spending time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. He also enjoyed family trips to Hawaii or cabin trips to Northern AZ in the woods.

Tristain was an animal lover. He rode horses as a younger child, always had dogs and chickens, and spoiled his cat Leo. He loved Leo like he was his child, he’d even call his parents Leo’s grandparents.

He loved to cook, but especially loved baking. He made some amazing pies, breads, muffins, and pizzas. He also loved to eat and had a great pallet. For his 10th birthday all he wanted was seared ahi tuna! He liked playing video games and hanging out on social media like the average teenager. He had a 4.1 GPA in Honors classes and was excited to go to college.

Things weren’t always perfect, but he had a pretty great life with his dad, stepmom, and brother. However, he also experienced some trauma and abandonment in his younger years. His parents knew that he had smoked pot, drank, and tried some other things a few times. They had discussions about the dangers of drugs and addiction.

On Mother’s Day 2021, Tristain overdosed in his bedroom. He suffered a severe hypoxic brain injury, would never recover and 30 days later, he passed away on June 8, 2021.

His parents later found that he was in fact poisoned. He took half of what he was told was a Percocet. It was counterfeit and made to look identical to a pharmaceutical Percocet pill. There was no Percocet in his system, only fentanyl. He was deceived and died at only 16 years old.

His family is forever broken and will never be the same!
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