Pheonix Baker

Forever : 27
Omaha, NE
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Submitted by: Shannon Sayers
May and June of 2022 we lost 2 of our children Pheonix Cheyenne Baker forever 27 and Ricky Allen Miller III forever 28 three weeks apart. Pheonix made a bad choice the weekend of May 21th and purchased what she thought was a Oxy but later found out it was Illicit Fentanyl.

She passed away on May 22, 2022. On Father's Day and his dad's birthday my stepson Ricky was found at his grandmother's in his bed. He too poisoned by Illicit Fentanyl. He was the person that they were going to charge for my daughters’ homicide. She had asked her stepbrother for some oxys and he knew somebody that had some. He was the in between guy. BUT they did not ask for fentanyl, NOR did they ask to die.

We desperately did not want anyone to think poorly of our children, they were not drug addicts or low life’s. They were such great kids with amazing spirits. We are devastated and completely broken. We loved our children beyond imagination.

Our children lived to the fullest. They both had very good jobs, she had just bought a house and had a nice car. They traveled, they each conquered their goals, they received a great education and most importantly they each had unconditional love and support in all they have pursued. Ricky just started his family and has a baby girl Alana. They were truly special, everyone loved them, and they loved back even more. Their services were attended by hundreds of people, every skin color, and all walks of life, cultural and lifestyle choices flooding out the doors.
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