Alex Figueredo

Forever : 27
Tucson, AZ
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Alex's family has a history of drug addiction, and he started smoking pot at about 15, graduated to harder drugs and put himself in treatment at the age of 18. He was in the treatment center for 40 days, they wanted to keep him longer and the insurance said no. Alex was getting high again in 3 days. He was in 2 more treatment centers during his addiction and had 14 months sober going to meetings and working the steps. He tried methadone for awhile, remained off heroin while on methadone. He just kept going back out on heroin and methamphetamine. He was a warm caring guy and loved by many. When he smiled he lit up a room. He loved animals and would give you his last dollar. He died in my arms way too young.

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