Ava Howland

Forever : 24
Drexel Hill, PA
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Submitted by: Debbie Howland
My Daughter Ava could make anyone laugh when they were sad. She was so free-spirited growing up. She loved being a competition cheerleader. Her addiction started with adults & and so-called "friends" giving her alcohol which didn't mix well with her doctor prescribed medications for her mental illnesses diagnosed at a young age. She started self medicating with pills like Xanax, that progressed to heroin use when street pills became too expensive. She went to Florida for treatment, where she was caught in what is referred to in the recovery world as the "Florida Shuffle". She wanted to write a book about what happened to her there. She was used, abused, and taken advantage of as a vulnerable young adult by many bad actors. Many of those bad actors have gone to jail or federal prison. She tried to save many of her friends that were in the depths of addiction but struggled with her own addiction, mostly alone and in silence.

Ava was a "Ride or Die" friend to those she loved. She will always be Mommy's "Super Trooper", I am so proud of her! My Ava Michelle died May 11, 2018, in a "sober home" in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the age of 24 in a room alone, down too long to revive. She was poisoned by Illicit Fentanyl and the drug dealer was never held accountable for her death. Her case was closed as soon as they got the toxicology report. I am her voice now and share my beautiful daughter Ava's story to hopefully save lives in her honor. Mommy Loves You! ❤️
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