Jared Abbott

Forever : 23
Groves, TX
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Submitted by: Cheri Abbott
Jared was a very smart, artistic, athletic and very loving and giving young man, he had a heart of gold, little kids would just gravitate to him, he was very soft spoken, and he was loved by so many. Jared loved the beach, sunrises and sunsets, and animals. Jared loved art and he was great with writing. He won an Art award at the Houston Rodeo, and he had won several writing awards from various places.

Jared struggled with the disease called addiction from the early age of 15 and lost his battle at the age of 23 5/19/23. When he went to Austin Texas and got some Percocet pills and Methamphetamine from someone. Jared had no Percocet in his system, but a deadly amount of fentanyl. Jared was only in Austin for 2 to 3 days when his body was found on the side of a gas station. Someone admitted to seeing him lying there the night of May 18th. and did not bother checking on him or calling for help. The next morning on the 19th the same person seen him still lying there in the same position and that is when she checked on him and called for help, but by that time it was too late, my baby was gone. Jared's belongings were missing, his wallet, ID, bank card, his backpack all he had on him was his cellphone which was in his hand. It took 3 days for them to Identify my son with fingerprints before we were notified. During those three days they did an autopsy on my son, not knowing he was even gone. And when we were notified, I was not able to go to Austin to be with my son, All I could say is "But my son needs me, my son needs me" I had to get a funeral home to go get him and bring him home and that took a week. It tore me up and every day since then has been heartbreaking. I have been sentenced to life of pain and suffering. There is an ongoing investigation in Austin Texas. and I pray every day for Justice for Jared.

Stigma needs to be broken, we need to love and care for everyone and if you see someone passed out anywhere, please do not ignore what you are seeing, check on each other, call for help and please it is very important for everyone to carry Narcan in your vehicle, you may need to use it one day to save a life, don't let what happened to Jared happen to someone else, there is no telling how many people saw Jared laying there while they were pumping gas etc. and did nothing to help him.
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