William Maupin

Forever : 18
Norfolk, VA
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Submitted by: Cynthia Fowler
This is William Ryan Maupin. To some of you he may be just another statistic but to us he was a beloved son, brother, family member, and friend. He was 18 when he was murdered by fentanyl. He was deceived to death with what he thought was half of a Percocet. His toxicology report read that there was no Percocet in his system but rather fentanyl and bromazolam.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid. Bromazolam is a benzodiazepine that was never approved by the FDA and there is no William was an 18 year old boy who loved his life dearly, he loved his family even more. William graduated high school early receiving his GED. He then went on to start his HVAC apprenticeship. He was excelling in every aspect of life except for his struggles with mental health.

William is survived by his beloved nieces (Izabella and Aria), his parents (Cyndi and George Pittman, Brian and Katrina Maupin), his sister (Mikaela Campbell), brothers (Elijah and Cheyenne Maupin), grandparents (Margo and Bobby Stewart), and many cousins. William loved his family dearly and spent a lot of time with us. While some people look in from the outside and think he was just another "user," he was much more than that. It does not matter if you abuse substances every day or once...one pill will and can kill.
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