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Submitted by: Danya Ayers
The man who gave her the fentanyl is actually the first man in the state of Arizona, who was prosecuted federally For distribution of fentanyl and for also causing death and seriously bodily injury, he only got sentenced to six years in federal prison, but Hannah's case is the first case here in the state of Arizona on the federal level where somebody was prosecuted for causing the death of someone else.

Hannah is the youngest of four amazing children. Hannah had a very happy life growing up, she was in Girl Scouts for eight years, she did ballet, gymnastics, she was even a competitive swimmer. She loved animals, she volunteered at the Humane Society and at cat shelters, she raised money for families in domestic violence situations. Hannah was on the honor roll her entire life in school, she was also in honors orchestra. She had a musical talent, and I don't know where she got it from because she sure the heck did not get it from me or her father, but she could pick up any instrument and it didn't take her long to learn how to play it.

Hannah was very quiet and shy most of her life and then she started coming out of her shell and she was the one who raised everybody up. She made everybody smile and laugh. She always had a joke. She just made everywhere she went a better place. She had so many friends who looked up to her. Everyone considered her their sister.

She used to ride and train horses. That was her biggest passion; she just had a knack for horses. She stopped riding horses for a while and I still remember one of the last conversations that I had with her. She said that she wanted to start riding horses again because she just absolutely loved being around horses.

She loved to do makeup for all of her friends and family. She used to watch YouTube videos nonstop about how to apply make up starting at age 13; and she got so good at it that she would do makeup for her friends for prom. She even did make up for somebody's wedding.

Hannah had decided that she wanted to start taking classes in her junior year to get her going into nursing school, she had decided that she wanted to be a nurse like her oldest sister.

It was June 29, 2019 when I got that call. It's the call that nobody ever wants to get and the worst part is, that call came from my son and it was his 21st birthday. He called me and told me that he thinks Hannah is dead because him and his dad found her in her bedroom unconscious. Her face was pale, her lips were blue and she was not breathing.

On her dresser were two little blue pills that had the writing M 30 on them. We later found out that those blue pills were fake Percocets laced with pure fentanyl. Her boyfriend's friend gave her three pills, she took ONE pill.

She had no idea that she was taking a pill laced with fentanyl, the man who gave her those pills admitted that he knew that he was giving her fentanyl even though that's not what she thought she was taking.

Hannah spent the next 36 hours in the hospital on life-support, and then on July 1, 2019 at 10:44 AM, the doctors officially called her time of death. She was 16 years old. When she got her drivers permit a few months earlier, she chose to be an organ donor. On July 4, 2019 Hannah saved five lives.

Hannah was selfless in life and in death. She was just a truly amazing person. Our lives will never be the same without her.

Even though the man who maliciously gave her fentanyl is behind bars now because of what he did to her; we will never get to see Hannah again. We will never get to hear her laugh or see her smile or feel those incredibly amazing hugs that she gave to us. Our family is broken. I am broken.

When Hannah was taken from us, not only did she have two sisters and a brother, but she also had two nieces and a nephew; and since her death, she has another nephew who will never ever get to see her or meet her. All he will ever have of her is stories about her.

Fentanyl dangers are real and destroys lives. It has affected every single person in Hannah's life. I urge anyone who reads this to talk to your friends and family about the dangers of fentanyl. The drug does not discriminate. It is a weapon of mass destruction.

I am Hannah's mother and a piece of me died with her when she died.
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