Gabby Hyatt

Forever : 22
Greenville, TN
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Since : 6/2/2024 - 7:27 AM
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Submitted by: Shannon Hicks
My daughter was beaten and poisoned with a lethal dose of fentanyl on August 24, 2023. She had been clean and sober for over 100 days and went to retrieve her belongings from her abusive ex-boyfriend who knew she was leaving for good and was turning over information to the law because he was selling this stuff and she wanted it stopped! She had just sent me a message the night before stating…. Mom you won't ever have to worry about ever getting that call now…. In less than 12 hours he made her my forever 22 angel. She had her opportunity and new chance ripped away from her by a death dealer.

These babies deserve justice and I'm currently fighting to have her murderer put behind bars! I am apalled at the amount of children we're losing everyday and our government is doing nothing to take back this war!!!! I'm just blessed to know my angel is now with her Lord and Savior
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