Keenan Schott

Forever : 30
Wildwood, MO
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Submitted by: Lizzy Schott
Keenan died July 19, 2021 in St. Charles, Missouri from Fentanyl Toxicity. 

Keenan was 30 years old. He graduated from Truman University with honors. He moved back home with us and saved enough money to buy a home. He had a manager position at a grocery store. Keenan bought his home and had 2 friends as renters. One of his friends introduced him to Fentanyl. He had experimented with drugs off and on for years. He struggled with bipolar disorder and often self medicated to feel better. In July 2021 he was struggling with many disappointments in his life.

He hadn't used Fentanyl for 6 months. We went on vacation and his work called. He didn't show up for work. This was really out of character for Keenan. After an excruciating hour of waiting for his roommate to get home, we were told he was gone. At first I thought he left the house, then they said he had died. We drove all night to get home. Then started the heart breaking process of planning his funeral. 

We live in Wildwood MO. He grew up in Wildwood Missouri and Eureka Missouri. His funeral visitation was in Eureka MO and his service and burial were in Wildwood MO. 

Keenan was kind to everyone, was a wonderful drummer, and had a gift for humorous monologuing. He was loved my his family, friends, and coworkers. A truly unique human soul left this earth when Keenan passed away. 
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