Joshua Goulden

Forever : 20
Holden, LA
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Submitted by: Renee Goulden
Joshua was extremely talented in everything he chose to do. He was the top 7 year old skateboarder who walked away with 1st place as the youngest in his category. He was also the tri state sparring champion at age 8 in Oklahoma/Missouri/Arkansas.

He was an artist qho could draw anyone or anything and later in his short life he was a song writer/performer. He showcased his talents for the first time in 11th grade school talent show and blew people away! They had no idea he had such talent.

He was humble and empathetic to others. As a child he would befriend the new child or whomever didn't have a playmate. His teachers said he showed compassion and love to all those around him.

Unfortunately, Josh made a few bad decisions the last couple months of his life that cost him his life.

He suffered from depression as early as 12 and lived through so much turmoil for many years. People were not kind nor understanding and he felt very alone at times. He had few close friends but kept his circle small. He was a young man with dreams of a future that included marriage and kids, but he never made it.

He was given pure fentanyl, and in minutes he was gone. The world has less shine now but the heavens shine in Glory as he is resting in peace for my visit when it's my time. I love you my sweet child. You will never be forgotten and ate missed every moment of every single day.
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