Ashley Dunn

Forever : 26
Prescott, AZ
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Submitted by: Josephine Dunn
Our beloved Ashley was born on January 18, 1996. She had the kindest and most giving heart. She absolutely loved animals. She never met an animal or reptile she did not want to care for from the time she was very little. Ashley had a smile that would light up a room and a laugh that was nothing short of contagious.

On May 23, 2021 Ashley was deceived. She used 1/2 of 1 counterfeit Percocet tablet in her home in Prescott, Arizona. Her roomate, whom she trusted and believed was a friend refused to call EMS to get her help. Ashley Kay alone for 33 minutes in the cold floor between her commode and bathtub. The Good Samaritan Law in Arizona would have and does protect people from prosecution when they seek medical attention for those who are potentially suffering from overdoses. Her selfish roommate had no idea about this law and was not concerned about Ashley's life or chances of survival. Her roomate only cared about themselves. EMS was finally on scene and 6 doses of Narcan, epinephrine and an AED was used to regain Ashley's pulse. Ashley was transported to the local Emergency Room. At approximately 1:20 am on May 23, 2021, an ER Physician from Yavapai Regional Medical Center called and woke my husband and I from sleep. The ER Physician verified we were Ashley's parents and requested we immediately report to the ER. Dumbfounded, half asleep and completely unprepared for what we were about to see we walked into an empty ER room.

When Ashley was returned to the room. Ashley was not breathing on her own and it was suspected she had been poisoned by Fentanyl. Ashley was a regular Marijuana user, with an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card. Ashley was 26 years old and of legal age to drink. Ashley never took another breath on her own. Ashley was brain dead. All of her organs were failing. Her eyes were, dilated and fixed. She did not respond to any stimuli at all. Ashley was admitted to the intensive care unit on a ventilator and more IV pumps than I can remember.

For the next 86 hours, her father, Mitch Dunn and I, screamed. We cried. We prayed. We begged God that she would just breathe. That she would survive this. After multiple tests and brain scans, and physicians exams the results were what no parent ever wants to hear. Ashley would never be the same. Ashley's organs were failing and she was now bleeding from orifices in her body. Her hands, arms, feet and legs were purple and mottled. Mitch and I were repeatedly being told that her life sustaining measures were doing more harm than good. Thirty three plus minutes without oxygen that they can account for no less is not something that anyone can come back from. At 3:33pm on May 26, 2021, Mitch and I had made the most excruciating and unfathomable decision as parents. We had to stop all life sustaining measures for our beautiful and beloved Ashley Marie. Ashley left behind a four year old son, our grandson. She has three sisters, one brother and three nephews.

On May 27, 2021, at 6am, our fight for Fentanyl legislation began. Mitch and I have been fighting to not allow our daughter to have died in vain. We are fighting for Drug Induced Homicide Legislation, the extension of the Good Samaritan Act and increased penalties for all drug sales and drug trafficking in Arizona. Our family is broken and will never recover from her loss. I do not believe I will ever have a full night's sleep again. Not ever will I forget the sound of the IV pumps or the sound of the ventilator. Not ever will the image of her eyes, her beautiful almond shaped eyes be the same to me. My heart's literally broken. At 52, I have had 3 heart attacks since her death.

Fentanyl killed our daughter. 1/2 of 1 counterfeit Percocet tablet took her from us. We miss her every single moment of every day. She is gone, but will never be forgotten. Fentanyl took her last breath. Fighting for her and others like her, will take mine.

Still in tears,
Ashley's Mom
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