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Submitted by: Noreen Galasso
Thomas had knee surgery in April of 2017. He was prescribed Oxy. 90 at a time, every month. There were no real warnings, except the goal should always be fully recovered. I actually took that to mean, these are going to help him heal and rest.

Two months and 16 days later . . . we would find him "taken", lifeless in his bed.

He had stayed home the Saturday night before. I was the last one to talk to him. We chatted over the pizza, and he thanked me for getting it for him and a friend, who left completely straight and said "goodnight" directly to me. I even "scanned his room" when I went in his bedroom to leave his door open a bit, for Walter, his Corgi.

I had just lost Walter, 12 1/2, to renal kidney failure.

Thomas wanted to make me proud by going off the pain RX. I was very proud of him!! At 1 month from being 20 . . . he seemed to see the end of the tunnel!

He had lost his management job and his car. He was trying to ask a very sweet girl out and he lost the gold ring I had gotten him for his 18th birthday. He was wracked by that. He cried when his friend said, "Thomas needs to tell you something". As sad as I was, I pleated to Thomas, these things happen and I’d get him a new ring for 21! He seemed OK, but was struggling over everything, still.

My kids are bright. They are hardest on themselves. So, that Saturday night, I couldn’t have been more at peace. My daughter was in Boston with he BF, working and going to school. And, my little family was really OK going to bed . . . not knowing what the next day would come.

He was not an addict (other than getting hooked on the last RX of Oxy! ). He smoked pot and did not drink.

Well, the end of this picks up at the top of this horrific story.

He had ordered off the internet, what he thought the surgeon RX’d him. Sadly, Fentanyl was not a household word, at that time . . . and, the drugs he got off the internet was from China, came right to the house, to him, like an Amazon package, through the YS Postal Service!! None of us, including him, had any idea!!

He was gone sometime in the middle of the night. I didn’t hear one thing. I was sleeping peacefully.

Thomas’s mom
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