Events & Rallys

In working toward change, APALD held its 1st annual Nationwide Rally on June 4, 2021 to raise awareness and help save lives.

The rally involved over 40 likeminded organizations, Facebook and online groups. As a result, reaching thousands of those suffering from the loss of a loved one due to this crisis in America.

It is APALD's hope that we can help the general public, our government, lawmakers and law enforcement to understand the extent of the issue.

More importantly, it is our hope that parents and families across the nation are made aware that the Fentanyl and other synthetics that kill over 295 per day in our nation, is not isolated to those suffering Substance Use Disorder, but every child who may try a recreational/street drug such as cocaine, Percocet, Norco and any other related substance.

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2024 APALD Rally Supporters

  • A Mothers Tribute
  • Addiction Awareness
  • Advocates for Our Angels
  • Alexander Neville Foundation Opioid & Fentanyl Edu.
  • Andy's Glow Foundation
  • Birdielight
  • Black Balloon Day
  • Bradley Keith Bonger, R.I.P.
  • Brian Cody's Brothers & Sisters Foundation #BrianCody'sLaw
  • Drug Epidemic Awareness Walk Across America
  • DJ's Wish Freedom From Fentanyl
  • Do You See Us Now?
  • Dr. Laura Berman
  • Parents for a Better Child
  • Dragon Slayers
  • Drug Epidemic Awareness Walk
  • Drug-Induced Homicide (DIH)
  • Every 11 Minutes
  • 4 Them We Fight Youth Coalition
  • Facing Fentanyl
  • National Fentanyl Awareness Day
  • FAC Fentanyl Awareness Coalition
  • Fatal Facts of Fentanyl
  • F.E.A.R Fentanyl Educational Awareness Resources
  • FFFP Fiercely Fighting Fentanyl Poisoning
  • FPAP
  • Fentanyl Poisoning Awareness & Prevention
  • Grant/Hardy Recovery Group Grieving an Overdose
  • JAVA
  • Jayna's Voice Still Speaks Loud and Clear
  • Justice for Kinina and Erick
  • Keansburg Against Heroin
  • Keys to Serenity
  • Kyle Shane Sexton Foundation (KSS
  • Kyle Still Speaks)
  • Learn From Lexi Foundation
  • Lives for Luke
  • LVOF Lost Voices of Fentanyl
  • Loud Voices Mothers Against Drug Addiction
  • McKenzie Vail Foundation
  • Moms Who Lost a Child to Fentanyl Poisoning
  • Mothers Against Drug Addiction & Deaths
  • My Life Matters
  • Never Alone Nick Rucker Foundation
  • Northshore Boston Recovery
  • NTXFC North Texas Fentanyl Coalition
  • Our Mission for Awareness Overdosed a Family Broken
  • PAD Parents Against Drugs
  • PANDA People Against Narcotic Drugs Purple Ribbon for Overdose Awareness
  • Parents Against Fentanyl
  • Ryan's Opioid Pandemic Coalition
  • Serenity Family Over Fentanyl
  • Let Our Voices Be Heard
  • She Will Rise Again
  • Solace for Hope
  • Speak Up About Drugs
  • Team Sharing
  • TXAF Texas Against Fentanyl
  • The 1:11 Project
  • The Forgotten Victims of Drug-Induced Homicide
  • The Faces of Accidental Fentanyl Poisoning
  • The MLW Movement: Virginia Fentanyl Awareness Inc
  • Trumball County Strong
  • UCAN
  • United Community Addiction Network
  • VOID
  • Victims of Illicit Drugs

Our 3rd Annual Nationwide Outreach/Rally was held on Saturday May 6, 2023